TXE Transmitters

Up to 30Amps

2-4S LiPo or 6-12 NiMh

Size: 36 x 22 x 5mm

Weight: 12g

IISI-Link expansion port


how to install the TXE30...

TXE transmitters observe your battery while you’re flying your plane or helicopter. The safe, long range and reliable RF link transfers all relevant data to the RC pilot (using the Cockpit). The Cockpit translate the received values into useful and applicable information, which assists the RC pilot during his flight.

All TXE Transmitters are equipped with the IISI-Link. Connect up to 4 IISI expanders to the TXE. It serves also as a configuration interface, using the Cockpit.

No matter how and what you fly, the IISI System will report the battery status and alert you when the remaining battery capacity is below a pre-defined level. Find the best motor-battery-prop combination for your plane by analyzing in-flight current consumption and performance.

You can choose from 6 different TXEs:

TXEs for models with electric motors: (scroll down for models without electric motor)



For smaller models, up to 450W, like

park flyers, EDFs, ev. Trex450 etc.

For larger models, up to 12kW, or other high current setups, like EDFs




Up to 50/100/150/200Amps

300Amps burst resistant

NEW: 2-14S LiPo

Size: 50 x 22 x 8mm

Weight: TXE50: 20g, TXE100/150: 30g
TXE200: 35g

IISI-Link expansion port


how to install the TXE50/100/150/200...

TXEs need only 3 mandatory setup parameters:

- model name (8 characters)

- default battery capacity (10mAh to 999.99Ah)

- battery type (LiPo, LiFePo, Nixx)

Telemetry flight data:

  1. -Current (A) and voltage (V)

  2. -max. current, min. voltage (A, V)                   

  3. -used up battery capacity (Ah)

  4. -number of flights

  5. -total life on time

  6. -all expander data

No current measurement!

1-4S LiPo or 3-12 NiMh (3 - 16V)

Size: 36 x 19 x 8mm

Weight: 10g

IISI-Link expansion port

how to install the TXG1

Setup Video


For models with gas engines, gliders, etc.

Super simple installation, no soldering! Use free RC channel for voice control on Cockpit V2!

Transmitter for models without electric motor:



The TXE of choice for your Kontronik Kosmik or Jive Pro ESC, Hobbywing and JetCat Turbine ECU (with adapters): No soldering, just connect the TXE-K to the ESC or ECU.

Telemetry flight data:

  1. -Motor current

  2. -Battery voltage

  3. -Consumed Ah (battery gauge)

  4. -RPM

  5. -Temperature (ESC and BEC*)

  6. -BEC current*

  7. -PWM % value

*for KOSMIK only

Adapters for JetCat:             Hobbywing:

2x RJ12    2x RJ12 OPTO


Hobbywing Software Update for Platinum V4 130A, 160A and 200A here.


TXE-E: 200-600A

Up to 200/280/400/600Amps

Completely burst resistant

2-14S LiPo

TXE / Sensor size: 50 x 22 x 6 /  27 x 38 x 19mm

Weight: 57g (incl. sensor)

IISI-Link expansion port


How to install

For large models, with contact-less current sensor, for high power setups.

No soldering of power cables needed !