How to install the TXE100:

The TXE100 is inserted between the battery and the Electronic Speed Controller and remains typically in the RC model.

See the scheme below how to install it. The best solution is to solder the TXE100 red +ESC cable and the thin black GND cable directly to the ESC GND (usually black). Solder your favorite connector to the red +BAT cable and the ESC GND cable.

Take thick enough wires to support the maximum current. Keep them as short as possible.

The thin black wire of the TXE100 must not be in the motor current path.

When you follow the current flow, starting at the battery plus connector, it must go to the TXE100 +BAT, then from the TXE100 +ESC, to the plus connector of the Electronic Speed Controller (ESC). From the ESC GND (minus), the flow must go straight to the battery connector (minus). Insure that you have thick wires that support the high motor current on the entire path described above.

Install the blue antenna wire straight within your RC model. Do not route the blue antenna too close and parallel to the receiver’s antenna, but keep both antennas at least at 10cm distance for safety reasons.

Should you have a carbon fuselage, please route the antenna outside your model.

Do not change the wire length of the antenna.

Do not reverse connect any of the components (battery, TXE100, ESC, etc.), they will not survive this!

Do not short circuit - do carefully isolate all connections!

Be extremely careful with high current configurations. A short circuit is very dangerous and items may catch fire or explode, or harm you with melted metal from cables and connectors!

We recommend that you configure the TXE30 before you solder the ESC (connect the IISI Cockpit to the IISI-Link, using the programming cable). Once the ESC is soldered to the TXE30, you should connect the battery when programming the TXE30.