Electrically powered RC planes and helicopters typically use LiPo batteries. These very attractive batteries have their voltage dropped very quickly when they’re empty. The better the battery is, the quicker the voltage drops at the end, and the motor controller (or electronic speed controller, ESC) shuts down the motor to prevent damage to the battery. You probably don’t have enough power anymore to do your approach.

You don’t exactly know when you’re battery will be empty. You only notice it when it’s too late: No more power to land safely.

Simply measuring the battery voltage* does not do the job. The IISI products measure the effective energy taken out from the battery. This allows you to be alerted when you reach a critical level, e.g. 10% remaining capacity. An acoustic alert reminds you to land - safely, without any stress!

The IISI System consist of a transmitter (TXE) which is installed in each aircraft, and a receiver (Cockpit), which remains with the pilot. In-flight current consumption, battery voltage, consumed energy, etc. are continuously transmitted and available in real time on the Cockpit display. Acoustic alarms inform you about critical events, e.g. when you reach the defined battery reserve.

A smart algorithm detects if you do multiple flights with the same battery, and calculates for you the remaining battery capacity - no more guessing!

The IISI System works independently of your radio: It’s compatible with all 2.4Ghz and FM (27/35/40/41/72MHz) transmitters and receivers. You won’t need to change the way you fly, you’ll just do with much less stress!

Your IISI System is installed really quickly: It’s as simple as connecting a speed controller to a battery, and it’s configured within 2 minutes - no additional action needed at the field!

And the best is: The IISI System costs probably less than the damages due to a forced landing away from the runway.

*High current draw will temporarily drop the battery voltage due to internal resistance. This can   be misinterpreted as an empty battery.