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Click here for firmware updates, audio data, manuals.

Cockpit V2 Software Update: V2.16-2 of 11/6//2021: FW_V216.UPD

The user manual can be found here: MANUAL


From V2.11 on, the Cockpit needs a different audio file format (.isi), which takes half the size on your SD card (same quality). Therefore, the update takes a bit more time. Please follow the procedure described below.

Further, from V2.11 on, all alarms are exclusively stored on the Cockpit and you should verify alarm levels of all your models before flying!

For PC/Windows users: Download and install the NEW update tool: (de-install the existing tool before re-installing the new one)

Then connect the Cockpit to your PC (the tool should recognize it automatically), and click “start”. If language packages are missing, you can add them manually by checking the option. Please don’t interrupt the process, it will take some time. You’ll need an active internet connection.

For all others, or if above tool doesn’t run for any reasons on your PC, you can do it manually:

IF you have already installed V2.10 or higher:

Download and save the following file on your Cockpit V2 (see top of page)

(right click and save as ... on Cockpit V2 root directoy.

If you have an earlier version than V2.10:

  1. 1.Connect your Cockpit to the computer and select “USB”. It will show up as a mobile drive.

  2. 2.Download and unzip* the following files to your PC:

  1. 3.Delete the following folders on your Cockpit:

        In folder /AUDIO, delete all available folders (EN, DE, FR, SND, USER, etc.)

        In the root directory, delete folder FW

  1. 4.Move the unzipped folders from your PC (see 3.) to your Cockpit:

        EN -> /AUDIO/EN

        SND -> /AUDIO/SND

        FW -> /FW

  1. 5.Download the file  directly to your Cockpit (right click and “save as...”).

  2. 6.Eject the Cockpit (the same way as a USB stick)

  3. 7.Remove the USB cable; Cockpit will update itself.

  4. 8.Update your TXEs and EXPs to the latest firmware.


(The translation from german to english will follow shortly. The V2.11 manual can be found in the dropbox (link above)

*under Windows 7 and 8, simply double click on the .zip file, it will open the uncompressed folder. Select it, copy it (CTRL-c), go to the destination and insert it (CTRL-v).

Videos:  Load and create configuraiton  Modify screens

Software update and log data export tool for the Cockpit V1

Newer EXP modules need the latest Cockpit software!

Current version: IISI-V115_EN.exe (supports EXP-LIPO7)

Legacy version for TXE V1.0: IISI-V111_EN.exe (needs MS redistr. package 2008)

IMPORTANT: V1.14 needs Microsoft Redestributable  package 2010

System requirements: Windows XP, 7, 8.0

How to do EXP/TXE updates:

Load the software updater for the corresponding EXP/TXE, remove USB cable, then connect EXP  to the IISI-Link of the Cockpit. Switch on and follow the instructions. After this process, reload the normal Cockpit software (IISI-V115_EN.exe)

Dropbox-Link for firmware updates, audio data, manuals.

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