Wireless smoke cartridge and fireworks ignitors

For all pilots who want to pimp up their presentation with smoke or fireworks, without the hassle of cables and connectors. Specially for large gliders, installing cables through the wing is often difficult or impossible - IISI has the solution for this!

Security first: The cartridges are only fired, when the pilot really wants it (and not already on the ground, since the switch is already in the “on” position).

You can use multiple ignitors at the same time, and define if they will ignite in a sequential manner or all together - controlled by the pilot’s radio - with one switch.

The owners of the Cockpit V2 can display the ignition state on the screen.

The transmitter (FTX2) is connected to your receiver on a free channel, that’s it. Place one or more ignitors (FRX2) e.g. at the wing tips, on the bottom, etc. That’s all you need to do - no further installation needed to impress your public with great smoke effects!

No cables, no connectors, no hassle.

Binding is easy: the FRX2 recognize themselves your FTX2 when you power it up the first time. With the PCARD, you can set the ignition sequence number, and you can add up to 8 other FTX2 to your FRX2! This allows to use them on different models, without re-binging.

Every FTX2 has it’s own identification, so multiple systems can be used together without issues.

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You can find the manual here!

The FTX2 is plugged into a free channel of your receiver and works as transmitter for the FRX2. One FTX2 can control any number of FRX2. Multiple ignitions at at time or sequential ignitions can be done in any combination.


  1. -Ignites with every pulse on your radio switch an FRX2 (1 - 2 - 3 - 4 etc.)

  2. -Contains a security feature to avoid unwanted ignition: Arm the system by the following switch sequence: OFF - short (0.5s) ON - OFF. If this sequence is not recognized at the beginning, it will not be armed.

  3. -Can be paired with the Cockpit V2 for status display (switch position, ignition number, arming status)

- Size: 36 x 22 x 5mm

  1. -Weight: 10g

  2. -Frequency: 433MHz, compatible with the IISI System

  3. -No interference with your 2.4GHz radio system!

  4. -Software Updates possible with Cockpit V2