How to install the LIPO6/7:

The LIPO6 or LIPO7 is connected on the balancer port of the LiPo battery. It can remain there for a couple of days, as it consumes very little power in the stand-by mode.

The IISI-Link port is connected to the TXE30 or TXE100 IISI-Link port. You can use a Y cable to connect more than one expander.

When using more than one LiPo battery in series (4-12S):

You can combine multiple LIPO6 to measure all cells in a combined battery configuration. You don’t need to “fill up” the LIPO6 up to 6S, you can just leave the unused connections open.

Using the IISI Cockpit, you need to set one LIPO6 to “Master”, while the other ones need to be slaves (enumerate them from Slave 1 to Slave 3). The capacity, alarm levels etc. need only be programmed in the Master LIPO6.

Some possible configurations are:

4S: 2S+2S

5S: 2S+3S

6S: 2S+4S; 3S+3S  

8S: 4S+4S; 2S+6S; 2S+3S+3S; ...

10S: 5S+5S; ...

12S: 6S+6S; 5S+3S+4S; 3S+3S+6S; 3S+3S+3S+3S; ...

When using  a single LiPo battery (2-6/7S):