How to install the BM2:

The BM2 is connected on the balancer port or on a Futaba/JR connector to the battery/batteries you want to monitor. The batteries may be of different types! It can remain there for a couple of days, as it consumes very little power in the stand-by mode.

The IISI-Link port is connected to a TXE IISI-Link port. You can use a Y cable to connect more than one expander.

When using only one battery, please connect it to the BAT1 connector.

You also can connect a BEC to one of the BAT1 or BAT2 ports to monitor the BEC voltage.

Please note that the 2 GND pins of the BM2 are connected internally through resistors. This means that the 2 black wires of your batteries must be connected together, or both batteries must be completely independent.

The connection to the IISI-Link is of type OPTO. To configure the BM2, you need to connect a battery on the BAT1 connector.

Monitoring 2 batteries: